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C6 Disposal, Inc. holds an exclusive franchise agreement with the City of Helotes for the following services:

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Senior Citizen Discount

The City of Helotes and C6 Disposal offer a discount program for senior citizens. Please complete the following form to receive a senior citizen discount on your C6 Disposal bill:

Carts: A Helotes resident over the age of sixty-five (65) shall receive a five percent (5%) discount on Residential Unit Service so long as the said resident is both the actual occupant of the unit and the owner of the unit per the Bexar County Appraisal District.

Residential Unit: A dwelling within the corporate limits of the City occupied by a person or group of persons comprising not more than one family. A residential unit shall be deemed occupied when domestic water or electric services are being supplied thereto, with the exception that an unoccupied home placed on the market for sale shall not be deemed occupied. A condominium or townhome dwelling, whether single or multi-level construction, consisting of four or less contiguous or separate single-family dwelling units, shall be treated as a residential unit; however, each single-family dwelling within any such residential unit shall be provided a container and separately billed a pro-rata share of the standard residential unit fee located on the Schedule of Rates approved by the City.

Residential Unit Solid Waste: Residential unit solid waste shall be considered, for purposes of this Contract, a collective term comprised of garbage, refuse, stable matter, rubbish, and dead animals. Additionally, commercial hand-load customers shall be considered a part of the residential unit solid waste service defined in this Contract.

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