Helotes Dispatch Center

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Notify Dispatch

Residents with information to report to the Helotes Dispatch Center should complete the following form. Commonly reported items include the presence of elderly family members or special needs individuals residing on your property or notification of special devices stored at your residence.

Complete the Dispatch Reporting Form

About Dispatch

The Helotes Dispatch Center staff answers emergency and non-emergency calls for the City of Helotes. Emergency calls are reported to law enforcement, the Fire Department, or EMS for additional assistance as needed. The Helotes Center is staffed by seven (7) trained line dispatchers and the department is led the supervisor.

Community Education

The Center is passionate about education, particularly among children. Does your child know when to call 911 and when not to call? If your child was speaking to a dispatcher, could they provide essential information such as full names, addresses, and phone numbers? To access 911 educational resources, visit know911.org (this website is shared as a courtesy only and is not maintained by the City of Helotes).

Dispatch Center

Jaime Ostrander
Dispatch Supervisor

Always call 911 for emergencies

Hours of Operation

24 hours per day
7 days per week
365 days per year