Budget Development

Budget Development

The Finance Department oversees the budget development by working with the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, and Department Heads to determine the distribution of funds in order to meet the priorities of the City. The budget is approved and adopted by the City Council. The City operates on a Fiscal Year period that runs from October 1 to September 30.

Budget Planning

The planning process for the FY 2024 Budget is underway! Planning kicks off in April/May and Council goes through a workshop and series of meetings until the budget is officially adopted. The last date to adopt the budget is September 29.

The FY 2024 Budget Calendar provides key dates for the planning and presentation of the upcoming budget.

Budget Amendments

From time to time, it becomes necessary to modify the adopted budget. The procedure for amending the budget depends upon the type of change that is needed. One type of change does not affect the “bottom line” total for a department. These changes, mainly transfers from one line item to another within a department’s operating budget, may be effected by the Finance Department at the written request of the department head. Another type of budget amendment brings about a change in the total appropriation for a department or fund. Examples of these changes may include, but are not limited to:

  • The acceptance of additional grant money which might become available;
  • The appropriation of additional funding if expenditures are projected to exceed budgeted amounts;
  • The adjustment to reflect increased tax receipts; or
  • The re-appropriation of monies from one fund to another when deemed necessary.

These types of changes require City Council approval in the form of an ordinance. The Council is permitted by State statutes to amend the budget ordinance at any time during the fiscal year. These amendments must continue to adhere to the balanced budget statutory requirements and cannot change the property tax levy or in any manner alter a taxpayer’s liability.


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