Debt Obligations

Debt Obligations

The City of Helotes currently holds two (2) Certificates of Obligation dated 2007 and 2015. With principle and interest totaling a little over $8 million or $898.07 per capita. The debt instruments were used to fund, among other things, City Hall renovations, new Police and Fire stations, Old Town Helotes Special District improvements, and utility, park, and drainage improvements throughout the City.

City of Helotes Outstanding Debt (9/30/22)

IssuerIssue NamePledgeMaturity DatePrincipleInterestTotal Payment
HelotesComb Tax & Ltd Pledge Rev CO Ser 2007GO8/1/2027$3,375,000.00$342,794.25$3,717,794.25
HelotesComb Tax & Ltd Pledge Rev CO Ser 2015GO8/1/2035$3,505,000.00$886,743.86$4,391,743.86

Certificate of Obligation Documents

For more information, review the following Certificate of Obligation documents:

Auditor’s Report

Click here to access the 2015 auditor’s report of municipal debt.

Credit Rating Information

In December 2013, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services raised its long-term and underlying rating for the City of Helotes from A+ to AA. Click here to access the full report. In 2015, Standard & Poor’s reaffirmed the City’s long-term and underlying rating. Click here to access the full report.


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