Master Plan

About the Helotes Master Plan

The City of Helotes Master Plan was originally adopted in March 1995.  The Master Plan was revised in October 2002 and, again, in January 2009.  The Plan has not been amended since 2009.  In addition to the Municipal Master Plan, the City of Helotes approved a Master Plan  specifically for the Old Town Helotes Special District in 2007.  Lastly, the EDC approved a Master Plan for development within the City’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, or ETJ, in January 2017.

The Master Plan provides a basis for making informed decisions about physical development and related matters within the jurisdiction of Helotes, Texas.  Its purpose is to guide individuals in government and private enterprise in making decisions which effect the City with the understanding of the long term effects.

For the public policy maker, it provides a way to resolve conflicting demands and to develop sound public policies based upon community needs.  The Master Plan expresses the declared policy of the City Council and the way that policy is implemented.  It gives citizens, potential investors, and other interested parties an understanding of the City’s future direction by detailing development goals chosen by the City Council.

Master Plans
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