Alternative Court Options

Alternative Court Options

Defendants receiving a traffic citation may be eligible for the following options.


Driving Safety Course (DSC)

Eligible defendants qualifying for the driving safety course FIRST MUST SUBMIT payment and all completed forms no later than their given Court date. The required driver record may also be requested online at Texas.govDo not take the course until receiving permission, the agreement has been signed, and Court costs have been paid.

Click here to review the DSC instructions.


Deferred Disposition (Probation)

Eligible defendants qualifying for deferred disposition must submit payment and a completed Deferred Disposition Request Form to the Court no later than their given Court date.

Click here for the Deferred Disposition instructions.


Reset Court Date

Eligible defendants may reset their original Court date one (1) time. Defendants should submit a completed Reset Form to the Court no later than their given Court Date.

Click here for instructions to Reset Court Date.


Time Payment Plan

Individuals not wanting to contest the charges and prefer to request a time payment arrangement should complete the request form and send it to the Court.

Click here for Time Payment Plan instructions.

Alternative Options to Full Payment of Fines and Court Costs

Individuals convicted of an offense and who are unable to pay the fine and Court costs should bring this matter to the attention of the Judge. The Court may assess the individual’s ability to pay and the Court may provide alternatives to full payment in satisfying the judgement.

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