Helotes Band Membership


We are a rapidly growing community band representing the City of Helotes, Texas. It is with great hope and expectation that membership in this organization will be a most rewarding and gratifying musical experience; keeping in mind that “music is a universal language” that soothes and warms the soul.

Chuck Kuentz, Director                                 Charles L. Kuentz, Jr., Director Emeritus

Mission Statement

The goal of the Helotes Area Community Band (HACB) is to be a leader in musical performance and encourage community participation, to promote wind music and the concept of the community concert band, and to make a substantial contribution to musical life in the Helotes, Texas area. We will do this by performing a wide range of high-quality music; by presenting frequent concerts, participating in festivals, and other events. We will welcome musicians in the band who are serious and can perform at an advanced high school level, and are serious about elevating their musical skills to a higher level. Musicians will be admitted into the band upon a satisfactory audition with one or both directors, and the availability of an opening in the desired section.

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Helotes Area Community Band Membership Interest Form

By submitting this membership interest form, you are giving a member of the Helotes Area Community Band, or their designee, the authority to contact you by phone or email to discuss your interest in this volunteer community band. You are confirming that you have read the Helotes Area Community Band's policies and procedures as published on the City of Helotes website and you agree to the terms set within. NOTE: Submission of this interest form does not guarantee your acceptance into the Helotes Area Community Band. All membership decisions are made by the Helotes Area Community Band's leadership (i.e., director and/or director emeritus).

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