Bulk & Brush Pickup Notice

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Attention Residents: Urgent Notice Regarding Bulk & Brush Pickup
Frontier Waste Solutions is wrapping up its brush and bulk pick-up, with just a few final collections remaining. If you’ve placed items out for collection but they weren’t picked up, it may be because they were placed out after your designated day/week, contained prohibited items, or exceeded the allotted 12 cubic yards. Remember, this isn’t 12 cubic yards each for brush and bulk; it’s a total of 12 cubic yards. Additionally, combining items from multiple households isn’t allowed.
The next scheduled pick-up isn’t until June, so any excess items need to be removed from the street, sidewalk, or front yard. Failure to do so may result in a citation under Helotes Code of Ordinances Chapter 70 Solid Waste; Article 1. Collection and Disposal; Sec. 70-4 Prohibited Acts.
According to Sec. 70-5, violations may incur a penalty ranging from $25.00 to $2,000.00 per offense, with each day of violation considered a separate offense.